This music contains binaural beats, 8 Hz brain waves.

It is my sincere desire that this simple meditation practice, based on the highest teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, will be available to many people in the world.
Our thoughts vibrate, our words vibrate, our organs vibrate, everything vibrates at a certain frequency. If this vibration is not balanced, it can cause physical and psychological problems. For thousands of years, Tibetan bowls have been used to treat health problems. Pulsing sounds can lower blood pressure and heart rate, decrease heart complications, and boost the immune response.
Connect with sacred sounds and 8 Hz brain waves to come into direct contact with the body and release energy blocks. In the blink of an eye, you will enter a state of calm and relaxation so that everything can flow and vibrate in harmony again.

Positive thinking is defined as a mental attitude that allows thoughts, words, and images into consciousness that promote growth, expansion, and success. Make a positive commitment to yourself, knowledge, work, loved ones, people you know, nature, and other worthwhile pursuits. Praise yourself and others.

Dreaming of success. Focus on the important things. Set goals and priorities. Imagine that you are practicing your actions. Make a plan for solving problems. Learn to relax. Don’t be afraid to change and improve every day. Do your best and don’t look back. View learning and change as opportunities.

Try new things. Research shows that people who consciously change their inner conversations and assumptions report immediate improvements in their performance, their energy increases, and things do better. Dedication, control, and challenge help build self-esteem and foster positive thinking. Enjoy this powerful music that will open your mind to the highest level.

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