Can we all meditate?

Can we all meditate?

If we had to quickly answer this question, the first answer we can give is yes. All people have the ability to initiate ourselves in the practice of meditation There are no physical or biological impediments that prevent our predisposition to start. However, there are many factors that we recommend taking into account and that we invite you to know in this article.

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What do we need to be able to meditate?


They say that the first rule is perseverance and the second, not expect anything, just be Meditation is an exercise in patience, in perseverance. For this reason, much advice, practicing it in a group and, preferably, with someone who corrects the posture and sets the guidelines to follow. Once you have learned the technique (if there is any technique), accustomed to the posture and fixed the routine, you can try the meditation alone. Many others recommend preparing for meditation alone, even for a minute and no longer than that. Meditation in moments. Meditated moments.

To achieve a suitable environment for meditation you do not need too many elements or follow prerequisites, just let the body and mind begin to relax. In any case, some external elements and accessories that you can review along with other initial guidelines in our previous article on How to start meditating always help to create a comfortable place and time

Is it necessary to have a Master?


The Master is basic at the beginning and recommended correcting and guide the disciple on the subtle path of meditation. This practice collaborates with the development of special qualities such as mental clarity, kindness, patience and wisdom. They help us deal positively with life situations that gave us grief, anguish, and anger. We can gradually become a source of inspiration and joy to others.

So can we all meditate without meeting any conditions or prerequisites


How can I be sure if meditation is for me?
According to Tilopa, the great Tibetan Master, there are six principles or advice to follow in spiritual awakening or to start practices such as meditation:

  1. Do not remember, leave behind what happened.
  2. Do not imagine, let go of what can come.
  3. Don’t think Let go of what happens.
  4. Do not examine do not interpret anything.
  5. Don’t control Don’t force the event.
  6. Rest, Relax Now.

But reliably answering the question, there are no requirements that must be met to be eligible. The key to success in meditation is assiduous practice.

In line with ancient traditions, meditation is taught only to people with a spiritual commitment. In other words, according to this perspective, we CANNOT all meditate. Only those who can demonstrate or maintain proper conduct, dignity, ethics and care for the other in their daily life. That is why it is not taught to just anyone and some teachers even ask their novice students to go through some tests to check whether or not they are prepared for the path they are going to start. Especially to avoid future regrets for lack of knowledge or others.

What is meditating then?


According to the Securities and Tibetan etymology:

Bhavana: cultivate

Gom: get acquainted

According to Matthieu Richard in the book The Art of Meditation, this implies becoming familiar with a clear and fair vision of things and cultivating the qualities within us, which remain latent until we make the effort to develop them.

Debates inside the question


Not everyone agrees with the possibility that 100% of human beings will be able to meditate at any time in their lives.

Professionals in the area of ​​neuroscience and the field of psychiatry consider that during meditation the brain secretes serotonin, commonly classified as a sedative and antidepressant substance, can help those who suffer from mild depressive states. On the other hand, too much serotonin, can produce in some cases a paradoxical anxiety induced by relaxation For those who have a slightly more serious state of emotional imbalance it can be an aggravating factor. In these cases, they say that it is necessary for the person to go to meditation without discontinuing the medications that have been prescribed by the professional who treats them.

There are many more benefits that meditation can bring than these few cases where some see it as something to be done with special care.

Can we all meditate

There are many known cases when people manage to overcome depression, various addictions or problems with the help of meditation. It also helps improve memory and concentration. In the world, it has been used for several centuries as one of the ways to achieve balance and inner harmony.
Likewise, the benefits it brings to cancer patients has been proven to better enable their treatment to evolve.
This is a practice that is different from some treatments or disciplines. It does not damage the body and does not cause pain. No person with muscle or bone disease can do this. The latter is important because the recommended posture causes discomfort, for example, in the knees or legs. The posture can be changed to find a more comfortable position that does not change the course of meditation. We often find graphics or images on the Internet or in books on the subject with ideal ways to sit down and get started, but there is no one way to do it. They can be studied and changed in accordance with the requirements of our body.

Trying to answer in its maximum expression the question that summons us in this text, which is whether we can all meditate, age and gender do not provide us with limitations either. This practice is carried out by men and women and both by children and adults. There is even a special bibliography on meditation in children, so that it is easy to pass it on and that they have no inconvenience to start it.

In previous articles on this site, you can find much more information about this ancient practice and clear all doubts.

Do not hesitate, you can start meditating today. Our special music will be a good helper.




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