Guided Yoga Nidra meditation to calm the mind

Guided Yoga Nidra meditation to calm the mind

Yoga Nidra meditation brings calmness, serenity and clarity of mind. A traditional yoga teacher gives us guided meditation so that we can achieve that deep state of well-being that we all desire.

For so long, those of us who spent our days juggling were considered heroes dealing with many things at once, as if multitasking were a wonderful superpower … When in reality the only power that matters right now is the pleasure of problem solving. Step by step.

We are not robots, we urgently need to turn off the autopilot, put ourselves into flight mode … AND FEEL. Give yourself time, place, space. Learning what not to do is sometimes more valuable than the madness of creativity and struggle when we don’t know what we really need.

Day after day, nothing happens: First, we must admit that we are in a stream of tasks that do not give us pleasure, in this whirlwind of thoughts that prevent us from nourishing the present. And then, when we understand that this is happening, strengthen your patience to get rid of a habit that we make almost unconsciously and that does not make us happy.

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Let’s inhabit the present



There are many ways and techniques to calm the undulations of the mind, to calm them down, to lower the level of thoughts and gradually enter a time of tranquility necessary to go back to walking in another way, at another pace, with another consciousness, having ourselves patience while we go through the process.

A very beautiful way is through Yoga Nidra or dreaming, a meditation technique that invites you to meet yourself , through a guided meditation, like a little story that takes you, guides you, in a magical dream that all of you are patiently present.

Your breathing is changing, your body is relaxing and you are gradually approaching calm.

Relaxation to let go of the physical body


Before starting the practice of Yoga Nidra, we need a relaxation that invites us to stillness and to let go of the physical body. Deep breaths that take us to a state of calm and place us in the present space, surrendering the tensions, pressures, anguishes, and everything that acts as an obstacle, leaving the energy channels free, so that the subtle energy flows and feeds our maya, our illusion.

Connect with Maya


Then, through a guided meditation, we enter a dreamlike state, although present and from where we connect with the maya or maia (the illusion) as in a fairy tale, losing consciousness of the physical body even though it is present and awake.

But in a fantasy world where everything is timeless, there is no weight, there is no limit (in the subtle world, there is no past, present and future): it is fantasy, it is energy and where our “sankalpa” is constant, the intention to go to transit that dream world that is being created before us.

The Nidra collaborates by lowering the levels of anxiety, restlessness, fear, panic, rigidity, undesirable sensations. Gentle breathing helps to relax the respiratory and digestive systems, and mainly the central nervous system (parasympathetic).

How to reach your happy place


I propose to guide you in the magical world of your dreams, tell you a story that brings you closer to well-being, to the emotions that do you good, to the fullness of a happy place.

yoga nidra

Lie down comfortably, as comfortable as you can today. Breathe in deeply and with that inspiration, contract your whole body (your hands, your arms, your feet, legs, face, back, buttocks… all of you), and when you exhale through your mouth, you release it completely. Repeat it once more, bringing awareness to the body of its contraction and relaxation. Recognize that body that you inhabit, recognizes its weight on the ground that the heavier and looser on this ground, the lighter you will begin to feel. Let yourself be embraced by this land that recycles everything, transforms everything.

Without being demanding, look for a sound from outside (a passing car, someone’s voice, a bird, the creaking of a wood) and stay in that sound, listening to it more and more distant and more and more silent to start looking little by little. A sound from inside you, that sound that only you can hear. And in that intimate noise, lose yourself for a while (it could be the sound of your breathing, your heartbeat … your personal melody).

Visualize a beautiful place in nature


Visualize a large green space, a vast and beautiful field, and you walk through that soft pasture. I felt the contact of the soles of your feet with that soil, the aroma of the earth, the smell of freshly cut grass and walk without haste, through that beautiful place. Observe the infinity of leafy trees, their sound when the branches move, their leaves that are falling, their different greens, their different shapes.

I kept walking, look to the sides, observe yourself, your breath, your face, your clothes, your perfume, you are part of that space and you travel it as calm, joy, fullness. Little by little you discover a stream of crystal clear water, a small space on the side of your path. Observe the running water, its flow, its intensity, its color, its sound.

Next to the stream there is a beautiful tree, with huge roots strategically arranged so that you can lean on it and feel its embrace. Everything is comfort, pleasure, calm. The sounds of the warm breeze, the birds and their harmonious song, the water of the stream and your breath are heard. Listen to your breath being one with nature.

The gentle breeze that moves the top of the tree, invites you to release some dry leaves that still inhabit you, those leaves that you could not get rid of and that are still tied to counterbalance. Visualize those leaves on your body, dry leaves and brownish, old leaves, leaves that have already completed their cycle.

Nutrite by Prana


In each breath nurture the air that lives around you, nurture the prana. On each exhale, give those dry leaves a push so that they go back to the stream and go with the flow of the water.

Every time you breathe in, you are reborn; every time you exhale, you drop those dry leaves that you don’t want anymore and watch how they fly towards the water and leave. Watch them go, flowing with the water, flowing on the path of life, letting go of what you no longer need in you.

I continued breathing calmly, there are no more leaves on your body, your breathing continues serene, full, pranic. You open your eyes, you observe the tree, its branches, the clear blue sky, the birds that dance in it, and without haste, you approach the stream, and sit next to it while you look at yourself in its reflection.

Look at yourself in that crystal clear water, look at your face, your eyes, look into your eyes, look at yourself from the soul, look at yourself and I smiled with my heart. There you are! That’s it! Stay a little while looking at yourself, rediscovering yourself, recognizing you.

And from that full image, I returned little by little to a sound from outside, and from the depths of you, every little part of your body begins to move, like little awakenings. Desperate, stretch, continue listening to your breathing and slowly open your eyes to discover this space in which you are lying, its walls, its floor, its smell, its temperature.

Hug your knees, massaging your back and lie on one side, slowly sitting down and bringing your palms together in the center of your chest.

With your eyes closed, return to the image of your smiling face reflected in the stream and give yourself, in this here and now, a time to give thanks.



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