Category - Instrumental Music

Influence of instrumental music on humans.

Piano, violin or instrumental music has a beneficial effect on the human body. In the same way, the sounds of various musical instruments affect a person in different ways.

  • the sound of percussion instruments can give a feeling of stability, confidence in the future, physically invigorate, give strength to a person
  • wind instruments influence the formation of the emotional sphere, and wind instruments instantly awaken a person from sleep, make him vigorous, active
  • keyboard music, especially piano music, corresponds to the human intellectual sphere. It is no coincidence that pianists belong to the musical elite with clear thinking and a very good memory.
  • Stringed instruments directly affect the heart. They, especially violins, cello and guitars, develop a sense of compassion in a person.

The mood of the music can also affect the mood in different ways, for example, the main music evokes a light and joyful mood, and the background music, usually associated with sadness and anxiety.

Vocal music affects the whole body, therefore lyrical, soulful songs are written in A minor not only for adults, but also for children of any age. Music can express not only the most varied emotional states of a person, but also their subtlest nuances. Indeed, even within the framework of one mood, there are a number of shades. Cheerful music can be both solemn and festive, and playful, and carefree, and gentle, danceable. And sad – gently pensive, dreamy and mournful, tragic.

Regular perception of specially selected music improves short-term memory, enhances intelligence, improves well-being, mood, increases efficiency and promotes overall health.