To be healthy, you need to learn how to fall asleep and get enough sleep quickly. We give tips on how to fall asleep quickly. If you have trouble falling asleep, follow our advice, and you will “sleep sound like an angel” so that you will feel much better the next morning.

Good sleep postures.

All experts agree that it is better to sleep in bed. The best sleeping position is on your side, right or left. Sleeping on our side will help prevent neck and back pain, improve lymph drainage from our body, and improve our breathing. This pose is most suitable for everyone in general and for pregnant women in particular. It is also an ideal position for people who snore as the throat is not constricted.

There are also people who sleep on their backs, which is not bad either, as this is one of the most neutral positions and one of the most common. This is a good posture because it prevents headaches, as the spine lies straight and in women it keeps the breasts firm. The main problem with this pose is that it encourages snoring as the tongue constricts the throat and sleep apnea can occur, which is dangerous because the person stops breathing for a few seconds.

The worst posture is sleeping on your stomach as it puts more stress on the neck and this affects muscles and jointsIf we have ever slept face downwe will noticewhen we get uppain in the arms and shouldersIf we are one of the people who sleep on our stomachsit is best to have a thin pillowsince this causes much less stress on the neck and spineAnother thing we should know is that in babies it is absolutely not recommendedbecause it can cause what is known as sudden infant death.

Tips to sleep well.

  • Keeping a regular schedule is the best philosophy in this regardIf we fall asleep at a certain time (for example12 o’clock at nightour body will get used to it and will naturally lower activity levels and heart ratesso we will be able to have a restful sleep.
  • Dinners should be light, easily digestible. If we eat a hearty meal, our body will spend most of its energy digesting food instead of slowing down our heart rate, so it will be more difficult for us to fall asleep. We should also avoid consuming stimulating drinks that activate our brain and nervous system.
  • To get a good night’s sleep, we will begin to enter what doctors call the zone of the unconscious. Therefore, the trick for sleeping is not to do too heavy mental activity before bed, because we will use our conscious and rational part, and it will cost us more to enter the unconscious zone.
  • Even if we have trouble sleeping, there is nothing better than taking a good hot bath before bed, as water has a wonderful relaxing effect on muscles, so we will sleep better after the bath.

Other tricks are reading an interesting book that entertains us and makes us forget about everyday problems. Reading activates the subconscious side in our brain, which we need to sleep well. Exercise is one of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep, as our bodies release the famous endorphins, which are very helpful in relaxation.
Having a good mattressa comfortable pillowand sleeping naked or in light and breathable pajamas or nightgowns will make us feel very comfortable and our body will feel relaxed and ready to sleep wellIn additiona clean and well ventilated room is one of the essential requirements to fall asleep.

Music during sleep is one of the elements that help you fall asleep. Music should be slow, without words so as not to be distracted from our main mission, and soft instruments such as piano, harp, saxophone or guitar that promotes relaxation. The most suitable music is classical music or special sleep music from our composer Airfortex. On our site you will find music for sleeping or falling asleep, music for meditation and relaxation, sounds of nature and instrumental music. This is the most suitable music for listening in the evening.
The sounds of rain and nature are also very relaxing. The music on our site is specifically designed to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Try to listen. Besides being beautiful melodies, it is also extremely relaxing music that invites you to a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping to the necessary hours and sleeping well is essential for our healthIt favors the elimination of toxinslymphatic drainagehelps to strengthen musclesand is good for our skinIn additionsleeping well prevents  health problems such as hypertension or diabetesthey are greatly minimized thanks to a good restSo you knowsleeping well is essential for our healthbecause it provides many benefits.

Try these tips and tricks, and you will wake up with much more energy in the morningYou will have the feeling that you have really rested welland that will have a positive effect on your daily performance.



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