Hello everyone, friends. I want to present to your attention a video in which the sounds of rain sound for sleep, fast falling asleep, relaxation or meditation. This composition begins with the sounds of rain. Then it smoothly turns into a slow relaxing melody and calm music. Support the author, subscribe to the YouTube channel.

The rhythmic and light sound of the rain against the glass helps you sleep. The experts say it, and they use evolution to understand it. As Orfeu Buxton, a researcher on sleep disorders at Harvard University, who goes back to prehistory to find an explanation: “In the time of our ancestors, when everything was calm, without threats, the only thing they could hear was the soft noises of nature, such as wind, water and small animals, such as birds or insects. These sounds are not a threat, so they help to relax people. It’s like they’re saying ‘don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry. They are hissing and slow sounds, the sounds of calm and are known as white noise.

Biinteresting fact about rain.

Chronobiologist Naomi Rogers, from the Sleep Laboratory at the University of Sydney, alludes to three biological elements that explain the soporific effect of rain: the sun stops the human body from producing melatonin, the sleep hormone, that is, if it is cloudy or raining, the body does not receive the signal that it is dawn. The second factor is the smell of the earth when it rains (called petricor), which is generated when the water causes the oils of the trees to mix with a substance called geosemin, produced by bacteria in the soil; and to this we must add that more ozone is released with storms, an odor that for many people evokes cleanliness.

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