Delta waves

Delta waves are closely related to the deepest states of tranquility . However, this is not the only effect of those mysterious waves.

Surprises are a part of everyday life, and the brain has developed brain wave dynamics to handle the unexpected.

Discovering something surprising in an environment is not the result of neural specialization, but of the dynamic interaction of different frequencies of brain waves.

There is evidence that they also influence other processes , such as the following:

  • They are responsible for a good rest . If when we sleep we do not reach the deep sleep phase, that is to say, of the brain’s delta wave production, when we wake up we probably still feel fatigued.
  • They help regulate basic body function . If there is a day when our brain does not produce delta waves, other functions, such as breathing and heartbeat, are altered to a greater or lesser extent.
  • There is reason to believe that also impact on intuitive processes . Apparently, the functioning of the unconscious is associated with the production of delta waves in the brain.
  • They affect motivation and empathy . It has been suggested that when the brain produces delta waves frequently, people become more open and empathetic. Likewise, their motivation is higher.

Other discoveries

The American Headache Society has published several studies on delta waves. In some of them, reference is made to the fact that the brain’s production of delta waves is a factor that notably affects the presence or absence of migraines. Apparently, the more delta waves that are produced, the less likely you are to get migraines .

In the same way, a study by Wanee Rojviroj establishes a strong relationship between brain waves and stress states. In this it is concluded that delta waves are themselves an “antistresser” . That is why it is conjectured that they may have to do with the production of serotonin and melatonin by the body. This, however, has not yet been proven.

The natural way to get our brain to produce delta waves comes in two ways. One of them is deep sleep . Hence, psychology insists so much on the importance of adequate sleep. The other way is meditation techniques. These are a real treat for the brain. If we favor them, we will gain much more than a healthy practice.

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Through laboratory monitoring it is evidenced that states of deep relaxation allow these types of waves to emerge.

Likewise, and this is surprising, it was established that the waves that predominate when the human being is in the womb are precisely the delta waves of the brain . This continues to be the case until the first year of life, although with increasing frequency. It is speculated that this would be a cerebral mechanism for the newborn to preserve its tranquility, despite the multitude of new stimuli to which it is exposed.

The neurons in our brain communicate with each other through rhythmic electrical impulses, these are brain waves.


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