Category - Sleep Music

Music, in addition to being a source of satisfaction and positive impact, uses a language that does not need words, but penetrates to our very depths, giving us a well-being that affects both our body and our mind. Listening to music opens the door to our emotions as it subtly settles in our brain, and from there it reaches all the cells of our body. But what is his ability to motivate us? Could this affect our work?

Many times, without even thinking, we always look for what we need in music, because the language of music is subtle, but don’t we put on a funny song when we want to dance, or soothing music when we want to relax or sleep? This is the power of music, which has a magic key that opens the door to our senses, our body knows this and is carried away.

When listening to a melody with a smooth rhythm (60 beats or units of time per minute), our heart rate tends to increase and synchronize with it, thereby reducing the stress and tension accumulated throughout the day. Depending on the music you choose, a few minutes (usually 10 to 30 minutes) will be enough to reap the full benefits of meditating or falling asleep.