The noise of a burning, crackling fire will help put your mind in order and tune in to a positive mood.

External factors.

Every day a tsunami of different thoughts rushes through our head. We need to call everyone and write (in between outbursts of cataclysms). Oh yeah, still a lot of work! There is still a lot of work to be done. Only without the usual chatter of colleagues, but alone with a growing sense of anxiety within, caused by the widespread news of the coronavirus. In this state, you are unlikely to feel motivated and will be able to focus. We are also trying to get used to the new reality and understand you like no other.

What can be done?

If you’re desperate for some peace of mind to tune in to your work wave, perhaps the background sound of a crackling fire is exactly what you need right now. It has been scientifically proven that listening to music or sounds can help relieve stress and increase productivity. The set of such healing sounds depends on the person. Someone will like the sound of a burning fire, someone will like the sound of rain and the sound of a thunderstorm, someone needs birdsong, and someone needs instrumental music. Each person has their own preferences. To such sounds, you can have a good rest, immerse yourself in meditation or turn it on as background music for work.

“Sound frees the mind from the noise,” says Leo Kosendai, a healer with a clientele of filmmakers and technical leaders. – It doesn’t free you from thoughts, but allows you to organize them. To guide and understand that we are not our thoughts. I work with several neuroscientists, and they say that sound can be as powerful as psychedelic drugs, but safe and without side effects. So it really looks like a gate. As Jim Morrison once said when explaining why he named his band The Doors because it opens doors of perception. This is what sound can do – change perspective and heighten the feeling, which can help relieve stress and relax, which we all lack.

How does the noise of a burning, cracking fire help?

The noise of a burning crackling fire can also be healing. Bonfire Sounds 🔥 Binaural Healing, Theta 6 Hz This frequency has a positive effect on our brain and stimulates the areas responsible for the health of the entire body. Hearing this sound of fire, you not only deeply relax, but also heal. All pleasant moods and health.


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