Category - Sounds of Nature

With the arrival of spring, the sounds of nature come to life. Birds, insects and many other animals come out of their winter sleep and give us their songs and sounds. This is the best time of the year to close your eyes, open your ears and unleash the sounds of nature. But we shouldn’t dwell on the obvious.
The energy reaches us through sounds, whether they come from music, street noise or nature. Energy can be both positive and negative. Our body and mind can interpret and absorb this energy. Just like the shrill and annoying noise of the city annoys and makes us nervous. There are some studies that suggest it can negatively affect our health, both emotional and auditory.
But there are other sounds that have the opposite effect. They comfort us and ensure our well-being. In the case of the sounds of nature. Perhaps your experience is the best answer. Think about these walks in the woods or in the mountains, these walks along the seashore… Now try to remember the sounds and how you felt. These sounds are a balm for our emotions. A leisurely pace and cadence surround us and make our body want to keep up with them, so our body and mind are relaxed and calm. Our music includes the most beautiful sounds of nature. Just plug it in and enjoy.