Soundtrack Music Instrumental | Best Soundtrack Music Instrumental ➤ Airfortex Soundtrack

Hi, this is Airfortex here & welcome to my website. IN this video I have shared Soundtrack Music Instrumental | Best Soundtrack Music Instrumental ➤ Airfortex Soundtrack. I wrote this track in a dramatic style with epic violins and a touching melody.

Soundtrack (English soundtrack – sound and track, soundtrack) is audio, sound, or, more simply, musical accompaniment of any video material, for example, a movie, a cartoon or, perhaps, a computer game.

Sometimes the English abbreviation OST is used – Original Sound Track, which means the original sound track. Very often, OST is published and sold separately from the material for which it was written. The term “soundtrack” appears in the 50s of the last century and is the result of the work of Hollywood marketers who were looking for ways to implement songs and music specially written for films on audio media (records, bobbins, cassettes).

I strive to share beautiful videos that inspire love and gratitude to our nature. My work is done with love and passion. The magical combination of meditation, music and nature will relieve you of stress and make you a better person. This is a sure path to transformation at any age.

I know that every day, every hour, every minute and second of your life is precious. So my videos won’t waste your time on useless nonsense. Just helpful, positive, healing content. I welcome you on our journey through this dreamy, relaxing, healing music for your body and soul. I really appreciate your support!


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