start meditation Basic Steps

Start Meditation. Basic Steps

There are many exercises you can use to start your meditation. We suggest step by step so that you can start meditating wherever you are, without even leaving your home. Our relaxing video will help you, which you can find on our website in the section of interest. With the help of our music anyone can start meditating.

First of all, it is important to find a place where we will do the exercises, which should be calm and quiet. We have to be careful that our meditation is not interrupted in the middle and something unexpected happens. As we become more experienced, we can meditate anywhere!

After the space has been chosen, we must pay attention to the configuration of our body in this space and thus position our back so that it is straight, legs crossed and arms relaxed.

It is important to establish the point at which we concentrate. We begin to breathe deeply, breathing in and out in a relaxed manner, with our eyes closed. Start your meditation.

Every thought that comes to mind must be accepted and chased away, trying to get rid of worries and focus on inner peace. When faced with these negative ideas, we need to awaken in our imaginations the memories and positive thoughts that make us feel good.

It should be noted that the main disappointment at the beginning of meditation is “the inability to clear the head of thoughts.” This is completely normal and it will take us months to fix it. We shouldn’t be upset, but, as we said, accept these thoughts and calmly move them, refocusing our attention on the fixed point and on the breath.

Finally, we wrap up the process with one last deep breath followed by a long silence that will cause us to return to our original state.