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How to achieve ajna balance through meditation to open the third eye chakra.

From yoga practice, we will choose more contemplative asanas that allow us to concentrate and direct our energy towards the third eye. It may not be a grueling physical exercise, but a few minutes of sitting in simple asanas such as Vajrasana or Virasana invites us to observe and assimilate the visions and sensations that arise. We can also experiment with inverted leg poses by stimulating the 7th chakra.

We encourage the use of mudras and special attention to hand position. Try a special third eye mudra, or experiment by raising your thumbs or closing your eyes. It is also recommended to do eye gymnastics exercises.

For a more comfortable immersion in meditation, you can use specially composed music located on our YouTube channel

Regular practice of meditation is essential to awaken the sixth chakra. You can benefit from guided meditation, but you can also try using a candle as a focal point (trataka) or by closing your eyes and focusing on the third eye. This chakra is especially sensitive to visual stimuli, so you can experiment with meditations outdoors, by candlelight, or in any other situation that makes you perceive the subtle dances that the light performs from behind your eyelids.


As for food, it is recommended to eat foods with blue pigmentation. This may seem impossible since blue is the rarest color in nature, but there are certain foods that we can consume within our reach, such as blueberries, and other foods that contain blue in their purple or purple composition, such as blackberries, raspberries and grapes.

If you love aromatherapy, we recommend frankincense, myrrh and cedarwood essential oils. If you prefer to communicate with the vibrational frequencies of stones and gemstones, try amethysts and labradorites. Take advantage of our music and open the third eye chakra.

If you want to know how to start meditating, click here


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